I’m a partner at No Media Company, a small but friendly Toronto editorial, design and strategy studio that works for clients all over the globe. I also work directly with other agencies on various research and strategy engagements.

I have a long history of agency work in North America and Australia, most recently as the creative and editorial director of the Toronto agency Totem. I help big organizations, including some of North America’s largest brands, with new approaches to brand building and content strategy that make sense in today’s messed up marketing world.

What do I like? Meaningful long-term strategy that moves beyond disposable campaigns and junk, meaningless-metric driven “content marketing”. What don’t I like? Those things. Good work will take a company to their target markets in the places where they live, and it will make sure they are welcome there when they show up (and also make sure that it’s a good thing when they keep coming back, not a creepy stalker thing).

Engagements can take many forms, from preliminary research and concept development through to building a team to design and run ongoing large scale content programs. Whatever it takes really. Sometimes you just want me and my partners in the room to ask difficult questions—that’s fun too!


This is Apex magazine. I developed Apex at Totem for Acura USA in collaboration with Michèle Champagne and a marvellous band of world-class editorial, design and photographic misfits.

As an adventure in next-generation magazine making and brand storytelling, Apex won the Ozzie for best new custom content magazine design in the 2016 Folio Awards, and was a finalist in other categories there as well as at the 2016 Content Marketing Awards.