I speak Python, Javascript, Node.js and PHP almost as flu­ently as I do English. I’m a tragic devel­oper nerd. Honestly, these days, coding is more of a hobby (I do it mostly to learn and be excited by new languages), but I have a couple of projects on the go that I’d love to show you if you’re interested. Particularly if you’re a working journalist interested in tools built by another working journalist. I am always interested in short-term challenges hacking away at interesting problems, if you have those. I don’t build websites.

My pas­sion is in devel­op­ment for the pub­lish­ing and broad­cast indus­tries (sur­prise), from elab­o­rate web front-ends for pub­lish­ing houses, through eBook devel­op­ment for Kindle and oth­er­wise, to sub­scrip­tion and busi­ness man­age­ment sys­tems for mag­a­zines and other print pub­li­ca­tions. I love talk­ing to legacy 1980s data­bases and forc­ing them to give up their data to the mod­ern, open world. API inte­gra­tion between var­i­ous mod­ern cloud ser­vices is another favourite playground.

I’ve devel­oped turnkey sys­tems based on open-source com­po­nents to allow com­mu­nity radio sta­tions to pro­vide thou­sands of hours of auto­mated online streams of their on-air con­tent with next-to-no ongo­ing cost, with no client intervention required from audio cap­ture through com­pres­sion, upload and end-user deliv­ery.

I built this site using an overly elaborate static HTML generating chain, because I was bored. It was fun, and sometimes you just don’t need a database, you know? Let me know if anything’s broken.